Nelson Leadership Institute

A man that needs no introduction, Brother Jerry Nelson (UCLA ’48) has dedicated his life to the brotherhood and made it his mission to improve the lives of our undergraduate brothers. Jerry has been a Phi Psi Foundation Trustee since 1989, and his leadership has grown the Foundation to become one of the leading fraternal foundations, nationally.

Jerry embodies the definition of a true entrepreneur and role model. A man from modest means with an adventurous spirit, he founded Pinnacle Peak Land Company and Pinnacle Paradise, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona, and throughout his life funded the creation and startup of numerous companies, including: Simulnet, Video Electronics, Ticketmaster, Antenna Technology Corporation, Technology Control Services and Troon Golf Management.

Jerry has given immeasurable time and treasure to our brotherhood for the betterment of our beloved Fraternity. The Nelson Leadership Institute, established in 2016, carries Jerry’s name as a reminder of the catalytic and entrepreneurial spirit which has well served thousands of young Phi Psis and has driven the establishment of many of Phi Psi’s most well-known programs and initiatives.


The four managers Donald Fites, Ari Officer, Guy Spriggs, and Denny Schwartz serve as the leadership of the organization led by chairman, Paul Wineman and vice chairman, Randy Schnack.


Paul Wineman


Washington '55

Randy Schnack

Vice Chairman

UCLA ’80

Don Fites


Valparaiso ’53

Dennis Schwartz


Purdue ’60

Ari Officer


Stanford ’06

Guy Spriggs


Ohio State ’71