About the MAP
The Wineman Mentoring Advantage Program

About the MAP

See below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). If you have any follow up questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at the Nelson Leadership Institute office at 317.275.3450 or email sjf@nelsonleadershipinstitute.org.
A resource developed by the Nelson Leadership Institute (NLI), the Paul R. Wineman Mentoring Advantage Program (MAP) provides a level of engagement and member development designed to be a beneficial experience for both alumni and undergraduate participants. It is built on the principles of Phi Kappa Psi and is enhanced by mentoring best practices from colleges, universities and companies worldwide.

Our mission is to cultivate men who are self-aware, cultured, active members in their communities and looking to make a meaningful impact in all their personal and professional endeavors.

Mentoring is a development strategy for an undergraduate’s successful path into adulthood. It is about developing a structured, trusting relationship between an alumnus (mentor) and an aspiring undergraduate (mentee). Mentoring focuses on providing support and guidance around workplace skills and career exploration, as well as expertise and encouragement on life challenges through meetings, activities and information communication. Below are the goals and expected outcomes of the MAP:

  • Build personal relationships that provide an ongoing source of encouragement, support, and information to undergraduate participants
  • Provide students with vocational guidance and career support where applicable
  • Assist in the development of participants academically, professionally, and personally
  • Establish alumni mentors as role models for undergraduate members, relating to the mentor’s own life and employment experiences

The MAP is designed to provide a meaningful way for alumni and undergraduates to connect. The program was developed in response to an identified need for undergraduates to benefit from the guidance of successful alumni. The program is completely voluntary and aims to encourage and support early and ongoing professional success. Through the program, experienced, insightful, and trusted alumni will serve as guides and mentors to undergraduate members.

If you are interested in participating as a mentor or mentee, please sign up using Phi Psi Connect.