Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend the PIVOT?
The following chapters and colonies are on break during M1 (Sunday March 8- Saturday March 14, 2020):

Arizona State University Colony Minnesota Delta Ohio Nu Rhode Island Beta
Georgia Alpha Minnesota Gamma Ohio Theta Texas A&M University Colony
Illinois Eta Mississippi Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Texas Zeta
Illinois Iota New York Kappa Pennsylvania Epsilon Virginia Alpha
Illinois State University Colony New York Theta Pennsylvania Iota Virginia Eta
Indiana Epsilon North Carolina Beta Pennsylvania Lambda Virginia Theta
Indiana Gamma Ohio Beta Pennsylvania Nu Virginia Zeta
Kansas Alpha Ohio Epsilon Pennsylvania Phi Wisconsin Gamma
Minnesota Beta Ohio Eta Pennsylvania Xi  

The following chapters and colonies are on break during M2 (Sunday March 15 – Saturday March 221, 2020):

Alabama Alpha Iowa Alpha New Jersey Gamma Pennsylvania Eta
California Theta Iowa Beta New York Beta Pennsylvania Theta
Florida Alpha Maryland Alpha New York Eta Tennessee Epsilon
Georgia Beta Maryland Delta Ohio Mu Texas Alpha
Illinois Delta Maryland Gamma Ohio Pi Texas Beta
Indiana Beta New Jersey Beta Oklahoma Alpha Texas Epsilon
Indiana Delta New Jersey Epsilon Pennsylvania Beta West Virginia Alpha

Terms and Conditions

Program Challenge/Expectations

The philosophy of teaching and learning throughout the PIVOT journey requires participants to be active in the learning process. It is imperative and expected that each PIVOT attendee comes prepared to discuss the material and engage with other participants. Learning and leading can and should be intellectually challenging and requires hard work. Your active participation during our journey is essential. Beyond building knowledge of learning and developing analytic skills, it is expected that PIVOT participants develop certain traits or dispositions of mind:

  • Intellectual courage — being willing to make your ideas public;
  • Intellectual honesty — being willing to change your mind about things when it is warranted; and
  • Wise restraint — refraining from changing your mind without sufficient reason.

It is expected that you will come to PIVOT with many ideas about leadership and life. This week’s PIVOT guides urge you to have the courage to recognize when your beliefs differ from those presented, to remain open to new ideas and perspectives, and to reconsider your commitments when and only when evidence and argument become convincing. To maximize the leadership development of all participants, this experience is based on the following considerations:

RESPECT: Respect yourself and others by applying the "Golden Rule" of treating others as you would like to be treated. This is core to effective leadership. 

OPENNESS: Stay open to new information and ideas from everyone. While you may not agree with everything you hear, effective leaders take opportunities to learn from others' perspectives.

RESPONSIBILITY: Take responsibility for your own learning by getting to know others, asking questions, and participating. The PIVOT program format offers visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning opportunities to best consume the information shared. Effective leaders are self-motivating; taking responsibility to obtain the information they want and need. 

RISK: Dare to risk some new ideas and behaviors. Stretch yourself a bit and explore some viewpoints and skills that are not familiar to you. Effective leaders do not wait for the "perfect moment"- it rarely comes; they understand that the rewards are equal to the efforts.

SUPPORT: Support and encourage others who are entertaining new thoughts and trying out new behaviors. Your sensitivity will be appreciated. Support yourself as well. Effective leaders work toward creating an environment of support that assists their PIVOT team and all PIVOT participants in growing and being productive.

FUN: Meeting new individuals, exploring new ideas, and practicing new skills can be fun if you are open to it. Effective leaders understand the value of humor and use it appropriately in helping individuals learn and join together as a team.

All PIVOT participants are prohibited from involvement in unsafe, irresponsible, and/or illegal conduct/activities. I promise that my attitude, conduct, and appearance will be such to reflect credit on my chapter, Fraternity, school, and greater community. I will NOT use illegal drugs at any time during PIVOT. I understand if I violate this rule, I will be excused from the program and sent home immediately at my own expense. I further agree to pay for all costs associated with any damage of any property at any facility/host site throughout my PIVOT experience caused by negligent/malicious actions.