Phi Psi Programming


Phi Kappa Psi is committed to educational curriculum  and opportunities that develop the  mind, heart and soul of each of its members. To accomplish this, the Fraternity offers an array of educational deliverables such as leadership development and training, character enrichment, health and wellness, and other programs focused on developing Phi Psi’s undergraduate brothers.  

Phi Kappa Psi is an organization with many parts. The Fraternity is the membership association to which members – undergraduate and alumni alike – belong. In 2020, The Fraternity and Nelson Leadership Institute partnered to make the NLI the programming and training arm of the organization. The Institute was established in 2016 and named in honor of Brother Jerry Nelson UCLA ’48, a long serving member of the Phi Psi Foundation and  influential in the development of many of Phi Psi’s most well-known leadership initiatives which serve as the precursor to a number of today’s undergraduate programs. Whether it be through personal development, undergraduate leadership, professional competency, career connections, or just learning what it takes to find happiness and lead a healthy life, the Institute and its programming sets Phi Kappa Psi apart from other fraternities and on-campus learning opportunities. 

“Fraternity has changed. It used to all happen within the chapter, but today the National Fraternity has come alongside the chapter to provide more structured learning opportunities. Put the two together and Phi Kappa Psi is a living-learning laboratory like no other organization can match.”

Zack Longwell Ashland ’09